"Priya is a wonderful listener and is so calm that she makes me feel calmer. She is very good at making me see things in a different way. I will be using her wise words in my relationship going forward. Thank you Priya."

Kishwar Rasool

"Priya has been a great help to me over the past few months. An amazing coach with some great suggestions on how to deal with various situations in life. I now feel that I can move forward with clarity and have regained my energy. Thank you so much xxx
Also today Priya went the extra mile and helped me do some decluttering in “Maria Kondo” style."

Linda Powell

"I have had a few sessions with Priya and can see a big difference in my attitude towards things in my life that I was struggling with. Her approach is very relatable, and I look forward to continuing. Highly recommended."

Niki Baldwin

"Priya is a great life coach who is constantly open to learning more about psychology and coaching to better serve her clients. She has great feedback from her clients and her workshops, and I know she practice will grow from strength to strength."

Ankush J Jain

"I’ve now had several sessions with Priya and after each session I have felt very uplifted especially when my thoughts were quite scattered. The sessions has helped me verbalise and communicate areas I want to tackle which in turn helped with clarity. During the sessions, Priya always patiently listens to my thoughts and provides very insightful views and suggestions (also giving examples which support conveying her points). I also find it very helpful at the end of each session when she recaps a few 'key points' to frame my takeaways."

Jennifer Spencer

"Your workshop on Well-being & Mindfulness was excellent - really informative, quite relaxing, very much looking forward to the next module."

Tanya H

"Wow – I didn’t think practising Mindfulness worked like that.  I feel extremely relaxed and could have gone on for longer!! I think it’s not just what you are saying – it is the art of your voice that is soothing and makes you easily slip into relaxed mode. My heart beat dropped and I feel complete calm."

Nicola Blood

"Thank you so much for all your time and honestly I’ve really loved all our coaching sessions together, you’ve really helped me a lot. Thanks for the exceptional service you provide, the wrap up notes after each session, are super helpful to refer back to."

Jess Turner

"Priya has been a huge support, guiding me through life challenges and goals. She always championed me along. Helping me to see things a different way, move forward and achieve things I never really believed were possible. I've learnt so much about myself and feel confident I have learnt tools I can now use to navigate through life more easily. I'm comforted to Know Priya is still available for one off sessions though, if and when and I need them."

Laurie Pau

"Thank you Priya Pandya for an incredibly productive workshop. I have learnt a lot and look forward to putting it all into practice."

Varun Prabhaker

"Entire workshop was enjoyable and useful. Very clearly explained with lots of examples. Priya is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and helps your perception of life in general."

Sophie Harper

"Priya has been helping me through many challenges since spring 2020 and I wouldn't have achieved the goals nor the calm, growing life satisfaction and clarity of mind without her kind guidance."

Agnieszka Osiadacz

“Thanks Priya, really enjoyed the workshop on 'Banishing Limiting Beliefs' today, gave me a moment to sit back and think of the limiting beliefs I have and how I can start to change these, in our busy lives it can sometimes be much easier to just keep avoiding these thoughts and thinking we'll do something about it 'one day”

Anita Carter

“Priya’s Mindfulness sessions have been a great source of support for our colleagues at GVC Group, in particular during lockdown. The feedback we’ve been receiving is incredibly positive. I personally attend her sessions and find them deeply relaxing and profound. Priya is an excellent meditation facilitator with the most soothing and relaxing voice and style. I definitely recommend Priya’s mindfulness sessions as a key supporting resource, to bring to life any mental health and wellbeing programme.”

Stella Gavinho

Head of Wellbeing at GVC