My fascination with the mind started when I was a young girl. I knew things would happen before they occurred... #spooky!

I was always caring and would often daydream about helping people less fortunate. I also remember reading a book about how to make your dreams a reality using your imagination and practising this in my bunk-bed. It sometimes worked, too!

It is over the last decade my interest and understanding began to grow exponentially. I started to learn about the power of our thoughts and how they create our reality.

This came during a period when I felt I had little control over my life. I felt like a victim of circumstances. I felt trapped in my situation and couldn’t see a way out. My belief system was limiting me, keeping me in a place where I was unhappy.

With this new learning, my life started to change for the better rather quickly.

Setting myself free

I became free by setting myself free from the mental chains that were holding me back. My mind was opened to other options.

With my mind expanded by new thinking, my mental well-being increased. I started attracting more career success then ever before, built great relationships and had more adventures :-).

I started practising positive thinking religiously, until it became my default mindset. Over the years my mental resilience became very strong, with a number of tools that I used - such as gratitude, re-framing and positive thinking. I also started relying on my intuition more and more.

I became the person in groups that often saw things differently to others, had a different perspective. Looking at things more compassionately and always seeking the silver lining in all challenges.

This did however on occasion make me feel very different, almost like an alien. In a coaching environment, this is a blessing.

My clients relate to me as I often share personal examples - I am empathetic to what they are going through. I guide them to see things differently by facilitating an environment for fresh thinking.

Constantly learning

I qualified as a Life Coach five years ago and refreshed with wellbeing coach training in early 2019 through Raw Horizon Academy; Accredited by The Association for Coaching & NHS. I have immersed myself in learning. Life continues to lead me down a path of growth, resilience and peace.

Most recently I have learned more deeply about how we create our life experience. For me, this has felt like the missing link and helped me connect the dots. I have also embraced the world of Mindfulness and Meditation, with profound benefits. I now have a way to help people really 'see' things, drop their misunderstandings and limiting beliefs to create transformational change.

My coaching style is one people really take to and has led to me running workshops and coaching people at all levels in a corporate environment (FTSE 100).

The reason I have had such quick success is that helping comes very naturally for me. I am also very creative and intuitive, which supports me with everything I do.

I have unlocked my own potential through investing in training and Life Coaches/Personal Trainers. I find I can achieve success in anything I set my mind to.

The mastery of my mind continues to evolve and with that comes increased confidence.


How coaching with Priya Pandya can help you:

  • Coaching helps you unlock your inner power and wisdom through harnessing the power of being present.
  • With the deep understanding of how we create our life experience, you start to see circumstances and relationships differently.
  • They won’t have the same hold on you they once did. When you let go of your attachment to things outside of you, you can start connecting better to who you really are: a very powerful being.
  • This work will lead to you letting go of beliefs that have limited your success and will increase your resilience and help you become empowered.